Welcome to Manneristic Studios

Manneristic Studios is a small animation and publishing studio, that creates in three dimensions to produce one Glorious vision. Our mission and focus is to create and help others bring forth good Christian, Family and Educational Entertainment. We use the latest animation and multimedia
software to produce:

* CGI Modeling and Animation
* Book Layout and Production
* Concept Development
* Visualization Design and Modeling
* Visual Effects
* CGI Character Design
* 2D Computer Animation
* Digital Media
* Motion Graphics

So take a look around! Most of all, let us know how we can service your production needs.

2013 Book Projects

Current Projects:
Redemption Draws Nigh: Year 1 Comic Book Series -
Release Date April 2013
Kidolopolis Comic Series - Release Date April 2013
Beacons in Darkness Comic Book Series - Release Date May 2013

Coming Soon:
The Armourbearers: Knights of the Last Generation: Phase 1
Trail of Dominoes

The Curious Woobie Children's Book

2013 Film Projects

The Curious Woobie -
Release date Christmas 2013
- Release date Spring 2013
Redemption Draws Nigh: Year 1 DVD Series
- Release date Summer 2013
The Cookie Wars - Release date 2014
Cyberlutionaries - P
roduction starts in Fall 2012
The Storms of Vengeance
- Release date Christmas 2013

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